How Selling Works

NetrinoMedia's Marketplace is one of the few online stores that offer a guaranteed 60 percent royalty to its vendors for each product sold. Moreover, we also have an exclusive program, which can bring your royalty to a whopping 70 percent! Our easy-to-use yet comprehensive help center with its handy ticket system and our support team are available 24/7, always ready to solve any issues. You can easily start selling your products via our marketplace and making good money. Take a look at these four steps:

Selling Exclusively: up to 70%

Selling Non-Exclusively: 60%

Step 1. Signup

To start selling your items, register at marketplace. The registration is very simple and will take only a couple of clicks. Registration page.


Step 2. Submit your Products

As soon as you have registered, you can start adding your products to our online store and selling them. Adding a product usually takes just a minute or two. Watch the demo video and see how simple that can be!


Step 3. Track your sales

Having added your products, you can track the sales of your products via the Statistics section. We've made its user interface very intuitive yet feature-rich, so that you always have comprehensive data on all your sales.


Step 4. Cashout Your Earnings

Last but not least, you can easily get the money earned from sales via your preferred payment system, such as PayPal, Moneybookers, WebMoney etc. We will pay out your earnings on a monthly basis, on the 10th of the month. No transfer fees! No delays! As you can see is easy and advantageous. Join us today!