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Tartino about 4 years ago
I like 3dexport. Nice graphics of the site, good royality rate on sales, the models generally have high quality, the support is fast and kind. As seller, it’s one of my prefered 3dmarkets on web.
Vladimir Yegorov 1 year ago
Want to say a big thanks to 3DExport. Great site that provides great possibilities to all kind of CG artists. You will find here a lot of interesting information, good content and talented artists, good feedback and support from administration. Thanks for all you doing here.
Zalesskiy "Be Fast" Alexey about 1 year ago
Hi all. As a artist selling 3d models here I can say that 3dexport Most friendly for the artists store. The best uploading system allow me to submit my products really fast, I am enjoying this process here. I can`t say the same about any other 3d market place. Try it you will love it.
Marc "Mak21" Pat about 1 year ago
3DExport are a good site. It has a simple and effective interface. For me that I create tutorial and models 3d and material. It is a good opportunity to reach many consumers. The services of upload and download are simple and without problems.
Pavel "Aerog" Grebenyukov about 2 years ago
3DExport inspires confidence, work with the store over a year. Very easy navigation for understanding. Here I can download and find the necessary for me 3d models easily. Thanks guys for good job.
Istrate Bogdan about 3 years ago
Mainly, I love 3DExport for it’s uploading module. It makes my life a lot more easier plus that all the statistics are simple and very effective. Same for the interface. I recommend it to any 3d artist.
Woody about 1 month ago
Thanks for the fantastic service. I will be recommending you to my colleagues. I only wish all online services were as reliable and as quick as yourselves. It is a pleasure to deal with you.
WPPK007 about 3 months ago
I wanted to really say thank you very, very much for the real effort of customer support you put into my request. You could have just said "too bad" in a different way, but you did not and that speaks wonders to your excellent professionalism. It also means it is by default an excellent sales directive as I now feel that you went well above and beyond the norm of many companies out there, in any field, and that means I will recommend you and also buy from you again with confidence. So, to the people who handled my support ticket, I say Bravo! And a very humble thank you for your time and truly extra work.
alireza about 4 years ago
I think 3dexport is one of the best sites for selling and buying models and … . One of the good things about this site is easy use of it. I like it. THANKS 3DEXPORT.